FRNKOW is a premium fashion and underwear brand for men
founded in 2020 by Nadja and Frank Lin.

The southern Germany based label offers minimalistic menswear and underwear with a sensual approach combining classic designs with a sensitive perspective.

The timeless wardrobe essentials are fairly produced in Europe to last beyond season – focusing on exceptional fabrics, soft silhouettes and subtle details. As a design brand, we create fashion
and lifestyle objects that inspire the mindful living – inside and outside of your home.

FRNKOW is a non-seasonal brand and produces
in a very limited quantity. The product range will include high quality menswear, home- and loungewear, underwear as well as interior art pieces.


Made in Germany | Made in EU

Our collections are designed and developed in our own studio in South Germany.

To achieve the perfect fit for our customers, both our products and the materials are developed and sourced in house. The art of pattern making is necessary to interpret and understand the design with technical ability.
We are therefore very pleased to have bespoke tailors in our team. Most of our products are exclusively made in our own studio in Germany. If not, they are made within the European Union.
This not only ensures a manageable proximity to our producers, but also reduces transportation routes and thus minimizes our CO2 emissions.

From the very beginning, we have been working with a family-run textile manufacturer in South Germany that has more than 100 years of experience in underwear production. More than 80% of the fabrics are produced in-house meeting the demanding criteria of Oeko Tex Standard 100. This gives us the opportunity to create pieces with German accuracy, with highest standards of material and workmanship and under fair working conditions in Germany and Romania. For our first lingerie products, we use a GOTs certified organic stretch-cotton knitted in Germany.

For our embroidery t-shirts, we are working with a small producer based in North Portugal, a region with a long textile tradition. Our partner is specialized in Jersey production. With broad experience in national and international markets, the production fulfills demanding quality standards by using most adequate technical and human resources which guarantee the products’ excellence. Their supplier of fabrics are GOTS certified.

For reasons of sustainability, we consciously avoid any kind of plastic to pack our products and try to use 100% recyclable materials where possible. At the same time, we are making sure that our products arrive safely and without damages.

Our product packaging is made in Germany with 100% recycled cardboard. To maintain this standard, we’re working with a manufacturer based in southern Germany which also allows us to reduce shipping distances.

The cardboard used for our shipping boxes is made from 80% recycled cardboard. The remaining 20% consist of new cardboard which is produced from ecological forestry in Scandinavia amongst others. For every tree that has fallen, a new one is planted.

Our tissue paper is free from wood, chlorine and acid and therefore extremely environmentally friendly. Our stickers are made from recycled paper. Our lingerie products are packed in little dust bags which are made to last. They can and should be reused as you like. They are handmade in our studio in Germany and made from 100% cotton.